who we are


In the Design Research Laboratory, led by Professor Michael Eichner, a group of highly qualified architects and engineers offers architectural and urban design services based on sustainable development standards and planning principles of the German DGNB Certification System.

Atelier Eichner Architect was established in 1998, in Munich, Germany, led by founder Michael J. Eichner. AEA experience varies in modern and sustainable designs. The firm is specialized in architecture, urban, landscape, and interior design. We offer consulting services (based on the principles of sustainable development in accordance with the requirements of the DGNB certification system) design, research, development, technical support and construction supervision. We manage all phases of our projects, from design to construction, and our work is driven by the full understanding of our clients’ needs and our belief that every building should be unique in its nature.


AEA’s key mission is to provide premium engineering consulting services, interior design, landscape design, and design management to our clients all over the world, leveraging our skilled experience and introducing the world’s most cutting-edge technology to meet a variety of business needs.

Our Values